I have a small practice in The Hague for

mainly psychotherapeutic treatments. In 2024 I have room for some new applications for therapy in English. Please get in touch for more information. For practical information please check the leaflet below.


Every now and then I start with a new coachee, mostly healthcare professionals or musicians, dancers and/or artists. For more information, please visit the website of Uit de Kunst | Collectief.

Lectures and education

I am happy to be a lecturer at your conference, symposium or educational event. I can provide speeches about psychiatry and/or ethics or philosophy, but I am also willing to provide workshops, skills education or an intermezzo about film, music or literature. I am also available as chair of the day. Please contact me for more information.

Andrea Ruissen (1981) M.D., PhD, is a psychiatrist, coach and philosopher. She studied medicine in Maastricht and philosophy at VU University in Amsterdam and did a PhD in medical humanities on decisional capacity.

After that, she worked in community psychiatry in Zeeland, in a prison and in court (forensic psychiatry) in Zuid-Holland, as a hospital psychiatrist (including palliative care and oncology) in Leidschendam and in a psychotherapeutic setting in The Hague.

She still works in the region of The Hague, where she combines patient care with other activities in Amedea: moral case deliberation, lectures, workshops, supervision, coaching, therapy and consultation. She combines her work for Amedea with a job as an editor at the Dutch Journal of Medicine